Retargeting AKA Remarketing


What is retargeting? To sum it up, retargeting is the way of tagging visitors from your website, to then target them specifically with your ads. This method of online marketing will display your ads across a network which consists of millions of websites. These ads are completely dynamic, being that they will only show to people who have been to your website or landing pages we promote.


WineryClicks won't just put you in front of the ideal clientele, at the time of decision, but we'll also stay in front of them on a consistent basis to squeeze the most success of out your ad spend.

Retargeting Stats To Take Note of:
1046% increase in brand recognition. Extremely important for companies in the first 3-5 years in business.

50% of people visit two websites before deciding to convert into a phone call or contact form submission.

Website visitors who get retargeted are 70% more likely to convert into a client from your website.

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