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Nearly everyone in the world is on Facebook and Twitter every day. People use these social media platforms to keep in touch with their friends, family, and businesses they like, in a fun and friendly way.  This allows your winery to do just that, stay in contact with your customers in another manner than simply advertising to them by way of traditional methods.

Another important aspect of Facebook and Twitter that your business strongly benefits from is the viral way to market to your customers' network of friends. When your customers click on the “Like”,  “Share” or  “Comment” link within one of your posts, that customer's network of friends is likely to view that post.


Experts say, the average person on Facebook has roughly 150 friends within their network. Also, an average of 15-20 “likes” are clicked on in regards to each business page’s post... Therefore, when you multiply the two #’s together, this adds up to 2,000-3,000 people that had the opportunity to see just that one post... Along with the name of your logo, business name, and link back to your Facebook page.  


Let's then multiply that by 3 times a week (which is what WineryClicks will consistently post on your behalf) You’ll find it equals 6,000-9,000 people a week that you’re potentially reaching.  To take it a couple steps further, multiply that by four weeks in a month… 12 months per year… This equates to around 300,000 people a year that WineryClicks and Facebook can help you reach just through social media.


Note: In that calculation, “comments” and “shares” are not included, not too mention Twitter posts and their reach aren't factored in.


With what goes into a successful social media campaign, your winery is looking at roughly 15 hours a month of manpower. The WineryClicks' Social Media department is a team of experts whose focus is to take the burden off of your winery's hands. This way you don’t have to hire a staff member in order to keep up with this vital component of your online presence, let alone do it on your own.

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