ADA Website Accessibility

For Wineries

Your Winery's Website's Accessibility Level Could Lead to Legal Problems Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & California's Unruh Civil Rights Act

In 2018, ADA website accessibility cases have reached 10,000+. Your winery may be a target by lawyers along with their plaintiff(s), who test your website for errors with your website's accessibility.  By not complying with Section 508 of the Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, you are exposed to the potential litigation brought on by these individuals.


Organizations, large and small, are being accused of not having accessible website for those who are legally blind.  Wineries are no exception to the attorneys, proven by the 15 wineries that have recently been sued in New York, specifically due to web accessibility errors.  Wölffer Estate Winery, Channing Daughters, Bedell Cellars are to name a few.

Depending on the size of the winery website and how many errors it has, there are two important things to consider when fixing known issues with its' accessibility.  You can either develop an accessible site or work to fix the current site you have live. 

We have teamed up with ADA Web Co. to ensure wineries are backed up by the premier team when it comes to creating, or fixing websites to be accessible to all those who want to use it.  Their team consists of highly-experienced engineers who have developed extremely large and complex websites and projects for the City of Los Angeles.


The ROI of opening your winery's online gates to the visually impaired, can potentially exceed the investment of making your site accessible. ​

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